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"I basically use Prezi for everything nowadays - but I would definitely consider coming back to PowerPoint for this."
anonymous beta user on

"I have two impressions right away: PowerPoint users should be excited and Prezi should be scared. By bringing enhanced context and focus to elements on a slide, you address two of PowerPoint’s inherent weaknesses, and that can only be a good thing."
Rick Altman, Presentation consultant and host of the Presentation Summit.

"MagPointer is an amazing product that lets you deliver your presentation with so much more control and oomph."
Geetesh Bajaj, Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for PowerPoint and owner,

"You know I don't recommend products specifically on this blog, but I came across a tool the other day which is kind of cool. It's especially helpful for those who present highly technical presentations with lots of charts and graphs."
Wayne Turmel, Host of blog and president,




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